Sullivan Cozart Completing Home of the Innocents Build Out for “Open Arms”

This is a new tenant build out project at the Home of the Innocents.

The construction build out is located on the third floor and will be occupied for the Home of the Innocents “Open Arms” Children’s Health located in the Hockensmith building on campus.

The “Open Arms” Children’s Health, the home’s outpatient pediatric health center that provides compassionate care to the community’s children.  This build out is very important to the HOI’s mission of providing outpatient health services to the community.

The project will consist of new offices, examination rooms and treatment rooms and includes interior finishes of around 9,000 square feet.

Home of the Innocents is located at: 1100 East Market Street, Louisville, KY 40206.

Sullivan Cozart to Renovate Symphony at Valley Farms Senior Living Facility

Symphony at Valley Farms offers a senior living lifestyle.  Senior living community offers both assisted living for those who are seeking a comfortable, home-like environment with the opportunity for social interaction as well as In the Moment memory care for those who are experiencing memory loss.

Sullivan Cozart is currently providing construction services at Symphony at Valley Farms Senior Living Facility with the renovation of Wing C into a Memory Care facility along with adding new nurse stations in wings A and C.

The total area of renovation is around 17,000 square feet.  The conversion will be two combine single rooms into double occupancy rooms by adding a common hallway and between two rooms.  New floor covering, painting and ceiling throughout the renovated areas.

Symphony at Valley Farms currently has 31 assisted-living units and 34 memory-care units at 10201 Valley Farms Boulevard, off Valley Station Road in Louisville.

Sullivan Cozart providing construction services for Commonwealth of Kentucky Bluegrass Community and Technical College

Bluegrass Community and Technical College (BCTC) is one of the largest two-year community and technical colleges in the state. As a member of the Kentucky Community and Technical College System, its mission is to provide excellence in teaching and learning.

The Leestown Campus BCTC Renovation project in Lexington involves the selective demolition and repurposing of four buildings on the campus. Machine shops and labs are being converted into nursing, radiography, and anatomy and physiology labs, as well as classrooms. Classrooms are being converted into faculty office spaces and cosmetics classrooms and lab space. The demolition and build out involves about 10,000 SF and has a duration of six months. Self-performed work includes selective demolition, concrete, rough carpentry, and division 10 install.

Project Budget: $2.4 million

Architect: Clotfelter-Samokar, Lexington

Sullivan Cozart Selected as General Contractor for Glenmore Distillery Barrel Storage Renovation Project

The Glenmore Distillery project is the restoration of Barrel Warehouse DD & EE that was constructed in the 1940’s and has been abandoned for over 20 years. The building had sustained severe structural damage that left the building exposed to the elements.  Work consisted of replacing most the structural elements, columns, beams, rails, flooring, walls and roof.

Structural Engineer: Roggenkamp Engineering Co., Louisville, Kentucky

Sullivan Cozart Selected as Construction Manager for St. Matthews Library and City Hall Addition and Renovation Project

Sullivan & Cozart is proud to be selected as the construction manager for the St.Matthews Library and City Hall Addition and Renovation. The St. Matthews Library and City Hall is located at 3940 Grandview Ave, Louisville, Kentucky.  

The project involves the construction of a significant expansion of the St. Matthews Library and renovation of part of the existing St. Matthews City Hall which the Library occupies, overall site redevelopment encompassing the full campus and a geo thermal well field and accompany infrastructure to service the full facility. Also, part of the new construction of storage space for use by the St. Matthews Police Department.

The project will include extensive renovation in the parts of City Hall not to be used for Library functions, including St. Matthews Police Department, City of St. Matthews Administrative Offices, St. Matthews Historical Society, St. Matthews Chamber of Commerce and assorted meeting  and support space for these user groups.