The Buffalo Trace Distillery Project consists of three distinct projects:

Buffalo Trace Renovation

This project consists of the Buffalo Trace Historical Barrel Warehouse repairs.  The building is on the Historical Registry and was built in 1842 with all materials produced on site.  A tornado struck in 2007 damaging its walls and roof.  The original brick was salvaged and used to re-build the wall.  Thirty-Two timber posts, sixty-four roof joists and windows were replaced.  All work followed the guidelines of Historical Preservation.

Architect: Vitok Enginerring/Architects, Louisville, Kentucky

Completion Date: 2011

Buffalo Trace Ricking

New wood ricking was constructed in an existing storage warehouse which was one of several previously leased to the Commonwealth of Kentucky.  The ricking is capable of storing up to 10,000 barrels of product in a 20,000 sf floor plate.

Architect: Roggencamp Engineering, Louisville, Kentucky

Completion Date: 2014

Buffalo Trace Riverside House

This project consists of the restoration of the 1792 Historical Riverside House on the Buffalo Trace Distillery property.  In 1792 Commodore Richard Taylor built what was then called the, “Old Taylor House”. The restoration recaptured the historical essence of the original structure.

Architect: Jerry Herndon Architects, Lexington, Kentucky

Completion Date: 2014